Investing in our future starts with quality education.   In order to achieve that, we need to invest in the infrastructure of our schools starting with the faculty and staff.- Shell McClue

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It's time to discover what is holding our district back from achieving excellence across the board and take a step closer to achieving our goals district wide.

Educational Goals

  • Quality Literature

  • Academically Prepared

  • Innovation in the Classrooms

  • Inclusivity & Diversity

  • Safe Learning Environments

Identify Obstacles​

  • Improve on execution of programs in place for SPED

  • Increase attendance & Win-back our students

  • Recruiting  Support Staff & Volunteers

Improve Mental Health Strategies​

  •  Integrate SEL

  • Promote Peer Groups

  • Raise awareness for faculty and staff mental health & grievances 

  • Culture of Care

Meet Shell McClue

I’m a small town country girl from St. Martinville, LA with big dreams and a heart to match. Since I was a kid, I always aspired to teach others. Whether it be something I learned at school, a dance routine, or the Word of God; I had to inform the world! I would gather my stuffed animals and dolls all up on my bed and teach to them. I used the walls in my bedroom as my chalkboard, so I could teach to my students! One year my mom bought me a typewriter and my diary became a thing of the past. Excitedly, I started writing books, plays, & music. I later decided that my undergrad would be in Chemistry and Chemistry Education with a minor in music Ed. My plan was to utilize my teachers salary to assist with the costs of medical school. Little did I know God had a different path for me.

I became an entrepreneur at the age of 18. I’ve owned several different businesses and non-profit organizations since then. Throughout the years I became a mother to 8 amazing children here on Earth, and one Angel in heaven. In the mid 2000’s I decided to get my CDL and go on the road as a lady trucker and start my trucking business. It was because of my time on the road I was able to mastermind and design Elite U of Texas. First in my head, then on paper, and now I walk through the halls of Elite U a growing secondary education community for everyone. I am blessed to be living my dream out loud, and also have amazing active students and talented staff members around me each day, helping to keep my dream alive!

Why I choose FBISD Board of Trustee?

   Throughout the years, I’ve  had the privilege to live in multiple states, and because of that I’ve had the experience of my kids being a part of multiple school districts, including being homeschooled.  All 8 of my children and their friends are apart of FB ISD. I have students, friends, and family whom children or themselves,  are/were a member or faculty of FB ISD.

   I plan on living in this district at least 18 more years, and want to be apart of implementing the best educational experience possible for our children, the leaders of tomorrow. In order for this district to take itself to the next level and achieve all of it’s potential, their needs to be change in the seats that lead us all. I no longer want to be on the sidelines.  I want to be apart of the planning and proper execution process.

   Our kids and faculty deserve to be heard. They are the ones who are immediately affected by the decisions of the leaders seated at the table today. One lesson I learned throughout the pandemic is that all things can be achieved if we work together. It’s time for us to work towards the common goal for ALL of FBISD.  

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